My Research Experience during 1st IEEE conference

During my literature survey period (please check how to correctly read a research article in research experience category) i have found a problem to continue my research work. After discussing the problem that i have identified with my research supervisor finally we decided to develop a hardware prototype and test our algorithm in both hardware and software.

During the initial developing phase, i have faced lot of hurdles since i am the first person working in this area under my guide. There are no proper materials available in internet. Unlike my fellow MS Scholars who are working along with Ph.D. scholars under their guides, i became independent. Initially when things are not going well, i felt aloofness. But trust me working independently became a great boon during rest of my days in research work. I started learning NI LabVIEW software from Google, YouTube and NI forums. People in NI forums are very interactive and that is the place where i got full command on NI LabVIEW. Slowly i started interfacing between real time analog signals with digital environment. Developed small circuits in breadboard and monitored the level of voltage and currents from GUI designed in NI LabVIEW.

After lots of ups and downs, i finally modeled a Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) in our laboratory which is working fine for estimating phasor values of single phase supply.  My research supervisor has been satisfied with the results and finally he decided to apply for any IEEE conference. To my luck there is a call for papers in an IEEE conference which is organized by CPRI Bangalore and i wrote conference paper and handed over to my guide for corrections. After 2-3 corrections, my guide had uploaded the paper. After 2 months we received a mail from conference committee that our paper has been selected for presenting during conference proceedings. That is my first successful step towards research.


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